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Laura Knight Studio

Pattern Makers and Designers of stationery and gifts. Made in the UK.

Our aim is to prove that colour and pattern can be simple, contemporary and minimal.

This space is for the eye catching, inspirational or simply beautiful.

A Knight for a Knight

Laura Knight

Dame Laura Knight, DBE, RA, RWS (1877-1970)

Although Dame Laura Knight started out life in poverty, she developed into one of the most famous and successful British artists of the twentieth century. She painted a wide variety of subjects, all over the world, from gypsies, circus folk and factory workers, to more wealthy famous authors, actors and aristocrats.

The National Portrait Gallery is currently showing a wonderful collection of her work, 11 July - 13 October 2013.


Dame Laura Knight  Laura Knight Studio
Dame Laura Knight  Laura Knight Studio  Textile Designer
Dame Laura Knight  Laura Knight Studio  Textile Designer
Dame Laura Knight  Laura Knight Studio  Textile Designer

It wasn't until I began my degree at Nottingham Trent University, that I became aware of the artistic Laura Knight who had been here before me. At the age of 13, Laura was enrolled at the Nottingham School of Art. Here she met her future husband Harold Knight.

I thought I would show a couple of my own life drawing attempts from when I was at collage; my first oil painting and a charcoal drawing.

In her last years Laura asked  “Have I tried too many different media,  too many different subjects” ? she then went on “ I do not know, except that my inner self continues to say even today  - go on, keep on trying something different” 

R. John Croft FCA - her great nephew

The official Dame Laura Knight website.


Dame Laura Knight  Laura Knight Studio  Textile Designer